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Your website is only as good as its host.

At Web Tech Plus, we provide clients with a comprehensive web hosting service. Our reliable hosting servers are housed in the Equinix Exchange in Sydney, so you can rest assured that your site is safe and secure at all times.

hostingWe use high quality hardware, such as Supermicro, that has been purpose-built to meet the demands of business websites. This allows us to provide our clients with a fast, reliable service day in, day out. In fact, we are proud to run some of the fastest servers in Australia. Our servers are built and maintained within Australia, ensuring they run efficiently now, and into the future.

Unlike many other hosting companies, we provide our clients with more than just web hosting – we also provide support in case anything goes wrong. As a business, time is money and it's crucial that you have the right support if your website goes down. We offer phone support between 9am and 5pm week days excluding NSW / Australia wise public holidays, as well as online support for critical (NOC) issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year giving you peace of mind.

For your convenience see the top and or bottom of our website to access the support portal.

Alongside standard web hosting, we also offer WTP client Webmail hosting for complete convenience as well as Office365 solutions.

Our server specifications are as follows:


  • Electrical Capacity (Critical Customer Load) – 4.0 kVA per cabinet
  • Electrical Capacity (Uninterruptible Power System) – 3 x (2 x 800) kVA (N+1)
  • Utility Feeders – 1 x 11 kV
  • Power Transformers – 3 x 3.0 MVA 11kV/415V
  • Standby Power – Diesel Generators 3 x 3.0 MVA


  • Cooling Capacity – 4.0 kVA per cabinet
  • Cooling Plant – Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chillers (N+1); Computer Room Air Conditioners (N+1)


  • Physical – Physical access control lists manage ingress and egress
  • Human – 24x7x365 security officers
  • Electronic – 24x7x365 CCTV recordings (30 days of video recording), motion detectors and biometric finger print scanners


  • System – Overhead proprietary fibre guide system; Overhead cable management system multi-tier ladder rack
  • Cross Connects – Cat5e/6, COAX and Fibre
  • Equinix Internet Exchange™ – Central switch for public and private peering offering Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10Gigabit Ethernet
  • Equinix Connect – Automated network provisioning, multi-homing and billing offering Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet


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