Online retail is one of the best tools available to businesses worldwide. From a simple store selling homemade products through to multinational corporations, e-commerce solutions are an essential component to any growing retail business.

E-commerce has become a standard format for stores operating today and benefits both your business and your customers. For a customer interested in your products, e-commerce is a quick, easy and convenient method of purchasing a product and having it delivered to their door. Using the power of mobile devices and intelligent responsive web design, a customer is not limited to any time or place to engage with your products and services. E-commerce has truly revolutionised the way we buy products and services in the 21st century.

e commerceBusinesses using e-commerce can help reduce their overhead costs and electronic payment facilities such as PayPal or eWay help to speed up the purchasing process. A major feature of e-commerce stores is the potential to tap into a greater customer base than a traditional store, giving you the potential to acquire customers from interstate or abroad.

As with anything else we build, Web Tech Plus e-commerce sites are designed to help increase your website’s traffic, which in turn can help lead to a boost in sales. We take the time to get to know your business and make sure that our solution is right for your needs. All of our websites utilise modern responsive designs meaning your site won’t miss out on mobile users who, since 2014, make up over half of all device users browsing the web.

How Does it Work?

All the e-commerce solutions we develop follow a simple verification process when a customer purchases a product. You will receive an initial email stating the details of a client and the products they have purchased as well as shipping details. A final email will be received once payment has been confirmed from your designated payment gateway. Alternatively, if you prefer, you also have the option to manage the system using the back end or administration area of your e-commerce website. This gives you additional options such as marking an order as shipped (sends the client an email notification) as well as viewing automatically generated reports and statistics that indicate the performance of your store.

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