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vonex internetWeb Tech Plus are excited to be able to offer a range of Vonex home and business internet solutions including new NBN and ADSL plans designed to suit your business or residence. No excess data fees are applied to any Vonex NBN or ADSL service.

ADSL Plans ranging from 50Gb to unlimited monthly allowance, with flexible options available for plan adjustment or relocations services.

“No excess data fees are applied to any Vonex NBN or ADSL service”

Vonex NBN Unlimited plans have been made easy by simplifying the plan choice to three tiers; Lite, Standard and Premium. These tiers determine how affected your service may become during periods of network congestion.

Vonex NBN Unlimited Plans

  • Lite – This is for the budget conscious customer. It’s the cheapest but will be the most affected during busy times.
  • Standard – An upgraded service providing a more consistent experience and better speeds during peak times.
  • Premium – This is our flag ship product where quality internet is the priority, which means faster speeds all the time.

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