Synology Partner

NAS units are an efficient, scalable and cost effective means of providing a secure and centralised digital storage solution for your business.

Web Tech Plus are partnered with Synology to provide excellent world class NAS solutions for businesses. Regardless if you employ 5 or 50 people, Synology NAS units offer flexible and extensible storage solutions for business owners.


What is a NAS Unit and Why Does My Business Need One?


A NAS unit is a network attached storage device that includes one or more physical storage drives similar to a typical computer hard disk drive (HDD). Using two or more drives adds additional protection against data loss by utilising technologies such as RAID to prevent data becoming corrupted or unrecoverable, this is a crucial element to any professional business. NAS units also work well with cloud storage options as they can be configured to routinely place a complete backup in the cloud in the event or theft or physical damage. Bilateral links even allow files to be worked on in the cloud before syncing back to the office NAS unit when working remotely. This hybrid approach to workplace storage ensures that office workers have instant access to files when onsite, online access for working remotely and allowing for cloud backup functions.

The primary function of a NAS unit is to provide centralised access for staff collaborating on work files. This storage solution is ideal for a Local Area Network (LAN) in an office environment. Businesses are able to store all their files on the NAS unit and these files can be accessed and worked on from separate workstations in the office. Synology NAS devices feature built in user management allowing specific folders or files to be blocked by users without sufficient privileges allowing management, accounting and other staff members to use the system without disclosing sensitive company information.

Typically a NAS device will be capable of orders of magnitude more storage space than most typical home desktop computers, this helps remove any concerns for companies that work with large files or have high document turnover and allows them to focus on business first. Due to the scalable nature of Synology NAS devices additional storage disks can be added to an existing setup or replaced with higher capacity variants if the need arises.

For companies with specialist software requiring the use of hosted database solutions Synology NAS devices are able to natively support most common Linux based open source database solutions including MYSQL & MariaDB.

Thinking a NAS might be a good idea? If you match any of the below criteria you are right!

  • If your business needs to store company files and documents with instant access.

  • If you need staff to be able to collaborate and exchange files and information.

  • You require extensible storage capacity for large files, multiple documents.

  • You intend to expand your business, or at least have the option.

  • Built in file access, permission management and policing.

  • Online remote access to company files, don't drive to work for one document!




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