Firefox's New Screenshot Tool

Over the last week the we have come across a handy little tool in the Firefox internet browser to take screenshots of what you are looking at. Rather than taking a screenshot of your entire desktop window, this tool allows you to take a picture of a section of what you are looking at.

The Firefox Screenshot Tool

When you select the screenshot tool, the browser window will have a dark overlay over the top of what is currently being displayed. Move your mouse over the browser window and different sections will be highlighted by default. This can make it easier to take a screenshot of a section. Alternatively you can click and drag over the screen to make a custom screenshot selection. When you have made your selection, 3 buttons will appear in the bottom right hand corner. The cross button will close the selection, the downward facing arrow will download the screenshot to your computer (you can find the image in your downloads folder) or you can click the save button where the screenshot will be saved to a repository hosted by Firefox where you can share the link to this screenshot. Saving the image to Firefox is handy if you just want to take a screenshot and quickly share it with someone. Currently the screenshot is saved for 14 days and we currently are unaware if you can increase this time. To read all about the tool and how it works please see the following link Why is this useful? We work with clients everyday ranging from the same suburb to a different country. Taking screenshots allows us to show our clients what they need to do in a particular area. Also we ask clients to take screenshots of what they see if we can't quickly reproduce the problem in the office. Screenshots are a really convenient way to troubleshoot problems without having to physically be there or connecting remotely to their computer with other tools. Similar Tools Currently we are only aware of Firefox having a built-in screenshot too out of all the modern browsers. However, there are tools you can download for Chrome and Edge if they are your browser of choice. If you want to take a screenshot of your computer and it isn't within the browser, there are other tools that allow you to take a screenshot of any area of your compute Snipping Tool A default app of the Windows operating system, simply search for the Snipping Tool app and take a snapshot of whatever you are working on. Apple OS If you're using a Mac computer or MacBook, you can press Shift-Command-4 and your cursor will change into a crosshair where you can drag over the screen the section you want to screenshot. The screenshot is saved to your desktop. Microsoft Office OneNote One tool we have used for a long time now is the OneNote screenshot tool. You can press Windows Key-Shift-S and a white overlay will appear along with your cursor becoming a crosshair. When you make your selection, the screenshot is either added to your clipboard where you can paste the image into an image modification program such as Paint or the screenshot is saved to your OneDrive storage system. This depends on what you have selected. Want to learn about more tools? Keep update to date with our blog for other tools we come across. Follow us on our social media platforms to never miss a post!

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