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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

I have already had parents asking me; 'What do I need to protect my kids but also restrict them from getting to adult sites, and can we control the amount of  screen time?' Well there are loads of options on the market place for this I am going to link the applications that we use to manage our own kids but also ones that work and I can recommend, there are loads of other options out there and this is only a guide to what we have tested and found that works. Microsoft - My Family If you have a windows computer that the family access on a regular basis you will have access to a 'Free' application called 'My Family'. What this application does is allow you to add accounts to your network using the new features of Windows 8 and 10 and then you can control the following things; Shopping with smart limits Add money anytime to your kids' Microsoft accounts. They won't need your credit card, and we'll put age limits on their purchases. Connect with your family anywhere Jump on a group video call, or send a quick message to everyone in the family chat that's set up and waiting for you. A window into their digital life Activity reports let you check in on kids' online activity. If you need to, you can block specific apps, games, or websites.

Set good screen time habits Together, you can talk about good habits and set limits on how much time they can spend with their screens. Step 1 - It's as simple as creating a Microsoft email account at

Step 2 - Log into Microsoft's account management -

Step 3 - Add in your Family Members

Step 4 - Setup up Screen time limits, Content Restrictions, Spending Limitations Screen Time Labs - Screen Time

For all those parents who have kids with tablets, phones and other devices this is a great application for you. Screen Time Labs have created an App for both Android and Apple that does the following; Time Limits Easily set time limits for your children's devices right from your phone or any browser School & Bedtime Schedules Set schedules like bedtime and outdoor time and restrict specific apps Pause & Play Use your phone or tablet to pause your child’s device

Homework & Tasks Create fun check lists of things you would like children to do or learn and motivate them with rewards

Our family have been running with this app for 18 months now and it is a great application with good support and updates, with one child with Autism tech can always be a challenge and this application has made managing this that much easier… Anti Virus - F-Secure Now for the fun one there are 100's of different applications out there for managing viruses, malware and your internet traffic, I am not going to review each one and I will admit right now I am a reseller of this product, but that is because with the testing we have done and the price point this is a good product and I would be willing to show people the application because I have it personally installed and managing both my family and my business security. That being said this is the application I would recommend for families…

F-SECURE SAFE Internet security for PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets

  • Virus Protection

  • Browsing and banking protection

  • Network protection

  • Family protection

  • Finder functionality

  • Fast, efficient security

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