Are your kids telling you they want to learn coding / programming?

YouTube, Online learning sites, Books (yeah those old paper things you can get from a library), Interactive CD / DVD's, Magazines and many many more… Here are some of the options I have shown MY kids and I and think have some great merit; Learn Computer Science 21,737,031,074 lines of code written by 27 million students. Create an account to save your progress and projects. Or just start coding - no account needed. All courses are available at no cost.

Scratch is a programming language used to create stories, games, and animations. Kids learn Scratch by building projects and sharing them in the Scratch online community.

Gameblox is a game editor that uses a blocks based programming language to allow anyone to make games. It's free and no downloads are required. You can make games online that you can play both on this site and on your mobile device.

Code Monster, Code Maven, and Game Maven are interactive tutorials where kids and adults can play with code,

experiment, build, and learn. Data Maven is an introductory statistics tutorial designed to spark a curiosity for statistics and data. Code Monster is for younger children, ages 9-14, and for curious adults. Code Monster is the easiest tutorial. Code Maven is for ages 13 and up and is harder than Code Monster with more difficult

Books, e-books and magazines

There are hundreds of books, ebooks and magazines on this topic, and you know what there are no real straight answers here as to which is best its best to use your child as an indication here, my boys loved these books they were easy to follow and started slowly and at a pace they could follow and have fun doing so... How to Code: Level 1 - 4 by Max Wainewright

A great resource for e-books is Programming Books - Free downloads, Code examples, Books reviews, Online preview, PDF -

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