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The Brief

The owner of Zeepond approached Web Tech Plus with specific requirements for a website that could serve as a hub for their new venture into video game reviews and giveaways. The site was required to present a categorised view of reviews created by the owner as well as facilitate the drawing of and emailing of members who had entered giveaways for video games through the Steam software platform.

The Outcome

Completion of this project required connecting to several different online platforms for full functionality. Part of the clients requirement called for users to be able to login using their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Windows Live) or by using their Steam account. Giveaway competitions needed to draw from the pool of registered participants the winners who would then be emailed the license key of the game they had won. This process of drawing and emailing winners was required to be fully automated by the hosting server and consequently required extensive custom development to achieve this goal.

completed web project

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