Office 365 Vonex 4GX + WiFi Remote Internet Connection

McSweeney Transport Group - Vonex

The Brief

McSweeney Transport Group needed a phone system that will connect there remote office together while also allowing them access in an Technology Park that has no fixed line access to internet or phones.

The Outcome

The team at WTP installed a Vonex IP-PBX phone system with Yealink phones. With the use of a Robustel 4GX modem and BlackHawk Yagi antennas we were able to connect them to Telstra's 4Gx network where Telstra's unit could not connect get any coverage. Using a Vonex IP-PBX system we were able to connect the remote office 65km away to the main office, while giving them a flexible solution that if they relocate in the future they can take the units with them and there is only a small installation cost.

completed web project

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