Are your kids telling you they want to learn coding / programming?

Don't know where to start, there are many options out there in the world that will get your kids on the path to becoming programmers.

coding 4 kids

Windows 10 Creator Update

Windows have released the latest version of their operating system, what does this mean for you well there a couple of key things you are going to need to do to ensure this process is smooth;

Windows 10 Creator Update

  1. Backup your files and personal data
  2. Download and Install
  3. Features and benefits

Online Security Applications for Parents

Well it's that time of year again 'Back to School'

back to school

Website Trackers and Reporting

How are you tracking your site, most users are using Google analytics or should be but there are many more packages and options out there...wtp heatmap

Firefox's New Screenshot Tool

firefox screenshot tool

Over the last week the we have come across a handy little tool in the Firefox internet browser to take screenshots of what you are looking at. Rather than taking a screenshot of your entire desktop window, this tool allows you to take a picture of a section of what you are looking at.

WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

cms comparison

Nowadays it seems that almost everyone has a website, and it’s the average person that is creating them, not web developers, designers or programmers. Therefore, finding a CMS or Content Management System that is easy to use is a high priority. There are 3 main CMS’ in the market today which are free to use.

These are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

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