Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Providing highly effective SEO services to our clients, we consult for some of the largest SEO companies in Australia on their SEO strategy.

search engine optimisationOur team of Australian based professionals is equipped with hands-on technical knowledge allowing each member to provide accurate information. We never use automated or outsourced techniques and we always maintain an open and transparent approach to our campaigns.

On-site SEO refers to the changes that can be done to your website itself. There are a number of subtle, but highly important, changes we make that often don’t affect the actual appearance of the website, but are “behind the scenes” and are noticed by search engines.

Although important, the on-site SEO is only a small part of a comprehensive and effective strategy. Any existing website content (text or images visible to users) may be optimised by us, and content may be added to a particular page to improve user experience.

Our SEO service includes:

  • meta tags
  • keywords in content
  • URL structure
  • sitemaps
  • broken links/301 re-directs
  • robots.txt
  • pagerank sculpting
  • 40+ more on-­‐site optimisations

Off-site SEO is engaged particularly if your website is in a high competition market. It refers to other websites, anywhere in the world, that link to your website. These “backlinks” or, simply, “links” can be in the form of clickable text or images that navigate a user from one website to your website when clicked.

Any link to your website is viewed by Google as a “thumbs up” - a vote of popularity and trust. Google does not care if they are actually clicked by humans, it only needs to know that links to your website actually exist. Off-site SEO also refers to Social Media signals, business directories and more.

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